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How  to  handle  Covid 19
and any illness Information

Your Dog Smiles Pet Services is committed to keeping our clients and their pets safe.   


If you, any member of your family or your pet is sick with any transferable or contagious illness please inform YDSPS asap and cancel services.    

While we understand you may need extra help caring for your pets while you are sick, its very important that our sitters stay safe so they do not become ill themselves or spread illness to other clients or their pets.  Between Covid 19, the flu and canine flu we really appreciate your understanding. 

To keep things safe all around for you, your home and our sitters.  We recommend:  

1. Keeping all your pet supplies we will need for our visit out where sitters can easily get to them(by the door or on the counter),  to reduce contact as much as possible. 

2. When possible,  have the dog's harness on before we arrive. 

3. Keep treats for us to provide in a separate container from ones you give to your pet to reduce contact. 

4. In some cases,  if the water looks full and fresh we may not refill the water bowls to reduce contact as much as possible. 

5. If you would like us to wipe everything we have touched down.  Please leave out appropriate supplies and let us know you would like us to wipe everything we touch clean. 

6. Access to sink with soap.  

6. If there are additional steps you would like us to take,  please reach out to us so. 

Thank you so much!  We are so grateful for you! 


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