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Keeping them happy while you're away! 

Servicing areas of Northern Virginia including Fairfax and Loudoun counties since January 2008.  

Specializing in home pet care, including mid day dog walks, drop in visits, pet sitting, overnight pet care, cat care, small animal care, puppy and senior dog care, garden watering and more. 

Every Service Offers: 

GPS Tracking - See where your sitter and pet go, as well

as how far they walk. 

Electronic Journals - Notification that we have completed the visit, complete with GPS map and visit notes.

Communication - Direct communication to your sitter through your schedule and journal. 


Best Pet Care in Northern Virginia Magazine in 2012, 2014, 2019 and 2023.

Best of Pet Care award from Washingtonian Magazine in 2013.


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The Benefit of Hiring a Professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

The Benefit of Hiring a Professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter is to keep your pets in their own routine and comfort zone.  Your pets will be happier and experience less stress.  Exposure to illness is minimized while diet and exercise routines are maintained.  Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated.  With In-home professional pet care you have an added peace of mind and your pet receives the attention they deserve. 

Our standards have been set to offer our clients the best value while offering your pets the best care. Building a long term relationship is so important so that each time you are away your pet will look forward to our visits. Allowing you to have no worries.


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